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4 Reasons Why People Don’t Study the Bible More

So it’s the beginning of a new year – a better year, one full of hope, one where we finally write that book. Loose 20 pounds. Be kinder to people at work. Eat better… Yes friends, it’s new years’s resolutions time!

Crack out the Post-Its! This time every year you can usually find my bathroom mirror full of Post-Its with all kind of new things I want to do this year and encouragement to cheer me on. “You got this!” “Conquer that goal!” And for so many Christians, starting that new bible reading plan is one of those resolutions. But do they actually do it?

Relevant Magazine states that while over 60% of us admit we make new year’s resolutions, only 8% of that group actually achieves them. What a bummer! Why is that? I don’t want to go into the new year thinking this! (For all you Star Wars nerd’s out there, like Han Solo says, “Never tell me the odds!) Don’t worry – I give out free hope here, not fear …or candy. Go to grandma’s for free candy.

Here are 4 reasons why people fail at reading the Bible regularly… and how to succeed at NOT failing!

  1. I don’t feel like it
    You’re rearing to go, and excited to accomplish this goal, but getting there’s the problem. Reading the Bible every day is work… and sometimes your forget, or don’t have time, or get side-tracked.

    Solution: Starting any new habit takes some practice and commitment. Just like starting a new subject at school, learning to play an instrument, or even brushing your teeth. All habits you had to train yourself to do regularly. Try starting with a friend! Use the Bible app. and pick a reading plan you and a friend can do together and make notes to each other and keep each other accountable.
  2. I’m saved right? Can’t I do whatever I want now?
    So you are doing the church thing, you said you believe in Jesus, everyone was so happy, and you’re going to heaven now. You’re good right? Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? You got with the program.

    Solution: The gift of God’s grace and salvation is truly wonderful, and you should always rest in the fact that you don’t need to earn it – you will always be good enough for God’s love. But don’t have a childish faith! Jesus wants a relationship with you. He wants you to know Him deeper, and grow in your maturity (1 Corinthians 3:1-2.) Start by reading one chapter of the Bible you’ve read before, and ask yourself what new things you learned from that chapter. Take the next step!
  3. I feel, therefore I know #ThisPassageGivesMeAllTheFeels
    So many people would say (or last least think…) “I LOVE worship! Go praise band!! And I love how I feel when Pastor Mike is preaching, or when I go to a conference and the celebrity speaker is just bringing it home. It feels great! I don’t need to read the Bible all day. I can just sense what God wants me to do in life. I got this. “

    Solution: Now am I going to say praise teams or guest speakers are bad? Of course not! I love them too. But they cannot substitute regular reading of God’s Word. His Word gives us nourishment, it gives us solutions to life problems, He speaks to us through His Word, we learn through His Word… I could go on. I can’t just go to the school pep rally and call that a day and skip classes. #StudyMatters
  4. I love me some Ann Voskamp! #TheDevoLife
    You read devotionals fairly often, and they are so good too! The stories are awesome, and so relatable. I just can’t get into this old English New Testament text. What is “broided hair” anyway?

    Solution: Devotionals are such a great tool to aid our spiritual life, but most of them time they have very few Bible verses and we are reading someone’s interpretation of the text instead of letting God speak to us through our own reading of it. I’m not saying to ditch the devos, but don’t let them substitute reading of the Bible yourself. Maybe you need to get a Bible that is easier to read? There are so many great translations and study bibles out there with awesome resources. Find one that works for you!

I’ll admit, I’ve fallen off the Bible reading wagon too. I’ve made a resolution on January 1st to read the Bible every day, and by February 27th I’m 16 days behind on my Bible app reading plan. We’ve all been there.

But don’t let slipping keep you back. Get back on again and keep going! It is so important to spend time with God in His Word every day.

There are so many wonders to behold about God that are only found in personal study of the Bible. What’s more, it is a supernatural text. God has spoke to many people through His Word. Why? Because the Holy Spirit lives in it, and Jesus is the embodiment of it. Deep stuff, huh? You better believe it!

Watch this video for more about why we should read the Bible… peace out!

The Bible Project! One of my favorite Bible study resources.


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